Buoyed by cutting-edge technology designed for precision and delicacy, Srinidhi’s state-of-the-art NICU stands as a beacon of hope for the youngest of patients. Offering advanced medical interventions and round-the-clock monitoring, our skilled team of doctors and nurses tirelessly work to heal and comfort critically ill neonatal patients.


Outpatient Department

At Srinidhi, we understand that visiting the hospital for outpatient treatments can be arduous. Therefore our OP department offers compassionate healthcare services designed with efficiency, comfort, and mobility in mind.


X-Ray Facilities

Srinidhi offers top-notch X-ray facilities for patients of all ages. Our skilled radiologists and technicians provide rapid, accurate imaging for various needs, from fractures to complex medical diagnoses, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

World-Class Operation Theatre

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, our theaters provide a precisely controlled environment for surgical excellence. In addition, Srinidhi offers state-of-the-art minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery, ensuring minimal scarring and rapid recovery windows for surgical patients.


Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU delivers exceptional critical care and life support for seriously ill and injured cases. Our unit boasts sophisticated monitoring equipment and a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring the stability and recovery of critically ill patients.


Stocked with a vast and diverse range of medications, Srinidhi’s pharmaceutical facilities offer prompt patient services.

Nursing Team



Srinidhi’s PICU fosters a sense of sustainable healing for critically-ill children. Boasting a range of world-class equipment tailored specifically for juvenile patients, our intensive care facilities are staffed by renowned specialists who work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that your little ones get back on their feet as soon as possible.


Dentistry Department

With a cutting-edge array of dental devices, Srinidhi’s dentistry unit offers premier medical, orthodontic, and surgical facilities. Our dental specialists prioritize lifelong oral health and ensure a seamless experience for our patients.


Dialysis Unit

Srinidhi’s dialysis units are optimized to ensure maximum comfort for patients undergoing treatment. Our patients are greeted by a serene and welcoming environment, allowing them to rest and heal in a stable condition.


24/7 Emergency Room

Staffed by vigilant and skilled medical professionals, Srinidhi’s 24/7 emergency facilities offer a bastion of health support for even the direst of acute medical emergencies. Effective diagnosis and treatment ensures that our patients rapidly stabilize and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Post Delivery Room

At Srinidhi, our post-delivery facilities ensure a soothing environment for healing and bonding with your newest family member. Equipped with top-notch monitoring, both mother and child's well-being is our priority.


Isolation Rooms

Our isolation rooms are simultaneously secure and comfortable for the most vulnerable of patients.