Expert Gastroenterology & Liver Disease Services: Your Path to Optimal Health


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Dr. Swathi G


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Dr. Shiva Kumar R


At Srinidhi Hospital, we understand the growing concerns about Gastroenterology & Liver Disease in India. With an alarming rise in gastrointestinal disorders and liver ailments, it has become imperative to have specialized healthcare services dedicated to addressing these issues.

According to recent statistics, gastrointestinal disorders affect millions of individuals in India, making them one of the most prevalent health problems. Furthermore, liver diseases, including fatty liver, viral hepatitis, and cirrhosis, have become a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, Srinidhi Hospital has established a state-of-the-art Gastroenterology & Liver Disease department to offer advanced medical solutions.


Services Offered:

Our Gastroenterology & Liver Disease department is staffed with highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields. We offer a wide range of specialized services, including:

  • Diagnostic Endoscopy: Advanced endoscopic procedures to visualize and diagnose digestive tract and liver conditions.
  • Liver Transplantation: Comprehensive liver transplant services for patients with end-stage liver disease.
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery: Minimally invasive surgeries for treating gastrointestinal conditions, ensuring faster recovery.
  • Hepatology Clinic: Dedicated care and treatment for various liver diseases, including hepatitis and cirrhosis.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling: Customized dietary and lifestyle advice to manage and prevent digestive issues.

Special Facilities for Gastroenterology & Liver Disease:

At Srinidhi Hospital, we prioritize patient comfort and well-being. Our Gastroenterology & Liver Disease department has cutting-edge technology and modern facilities to provide the best possible care. Some of our special facilities include:

  1. Advanced Imaging Technology: We utilize the latest imaging techniques to diagnose and monitor gastrointestinal and liver conditions accurately.
  2. 24/7 Emergency Care: Our dedicated team of specialists is available round-the-clock to handle any gastrointestinal emergencies.
  3. Dedicated Intensive Care Units (ICUs): Our specialized ICUs are designed to provide intensive care for critical Gastroenterology & Liver Disease patients.
  4. Post-Transplant Care: We offer comprehensive post-operative care and support for patients undergoing liver transplantation.

Key Features of the Hospital:

Choosing Srinidhi Hospital for your Gastroenterology & Liver Disease needs comes with several advantages, including:

Supportive Patient Care: Dealing with Gastroenterology & Liver Disease can be emotionally challenging. Our hospital provides compassionate and supportive care to help patients and their families cope with the physical and emotional aspects of their healthcare journey.

Health Education Programs: We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge. Regular health education programs and workshops are organized to create awareness about Gastroenterology & Liver Disease, prevention strategies, and lifestyle modifications.

Collaboration with Top Insurance Providers: To ease the financial burden on our patients, we have established collaborations with major insurance providers, ensuring smoother insurance claims and hassle-free billing procedures.

Dedicated Rehabilitation Services: Our hospital provides dedicated rehabilitation services for patients recovering from complex Gastroenterology & Liver Disease treatments to aid their recovery and regain optimal functionality.

Don’t let gastrointestinal issues or liver diseases disrupt your life any longer. Take the first step towards a healthier future by contacting us today to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team of specialists.

Let us be your partner in your journey to better health and well-being.

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